Onsen: a short guide to good manners 温泉のマナー

  • Published on : 08/09/2017
  • by : R.A.
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Bath etiquette

Onsen (hot springs) and sento (public baths) are great places to relax. They are veritable microcosms endowed with very precise rules of good conduct. So as not to spoil your pleasure and that of your bathing companions, here are some tips.

Bain extérieur (rotenburo) à Kurokawa onsen (Kumamoto)

Outdoor bath (rotenburo) at Kurokawa onsen (Kumamoto)

David McKelvey

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    Les cheveux colorés This is very interesting! I especially like the part about Kobo Daishi. I wonder where those who believe in him think his body is while he has been meditating for the last hundreds of years?

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