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A busy street lined with izakaya

5 of the best izakaya in Tokyo

Izakaya are typical Japanese dining establishments, similar to a tapas bar, where it's possible to eat and drink, often at a counter. It's also the favorite place for a casual post-work drink.

Aoyama Flower Market Tea House

You may know Aoyama Flower Market for its exceptional bouquets, but this chain of Japanese florists also has another string to its bow: owner of tea rooms!

Being vegan in Tokyo

Being vegan can be difficult in some parts of the world, with the movement not necessarily popular, or currently achievable, worldwide.

kotatsu in  Tsubame cafe, Kamakura

Kotatsu cafes and restaurants

In Japan, the kotatsu symbolizes not only the warmth but also the conviviality, comfort, and simple pleasure of being with family around a table.