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Japan Area Code: Everything You Need to Know About Calling Japan

Japan is a crucial destination for both business and tourism, attracting visitors from all over the world.

US phone charger on a dark background

Understanding Electricity and Voltage in Japan for Travelers

Traveling to Japan is an exciting adventure, but it requires some practical preparation to ensure a smooth trip.

Cherry Blossom in Tokyo

When to visit Japan to see the cherry blossoms?

The ever-popular blossoming of cherry flowers, Sakura, is a national event in Japan. However, the transience of flowers and unpredictability of the nature make forecasting difficult.

Homme avec son sac à dos devant un temple japonais

Things to take to Japan

For a short journey or for a long vacation, prepare your bag properly to have a successful trip! 

Here is a list of the essentials to have in your bag in Japan.


Kiyomizudera in Kyoto, Japan

10 Things to check before leaving

Your trip to Japan is coming up and you want to be sure you do not forget anything? Here is a checklist of the 10 essential things to prepare before the big departure! 


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Ten Japanese Christmas Gift Ideas

Since we are still not able to travel to Japan this year, why not make travel those who dreamed of discovering Japan by giving them Christmas gifts from the Land of the Rising Sun?

Time difference in Japan

After a long flight, crossing international time zones comes the jet lag... Here are some remedies to sleepless nights. 


Des billets de 10 000 yens (76€)

What is the cost of living in Japan?

Tokyo has long been at the top of the ranking of the most expensive cities in the world, but what is the real cost of daily living in Japan?

Passport or visa to go to Japan?

Business, education, or tourism, visitors to Japan can be diverse and varied as the documents necessary to enter Japan.

Un hôpital de Tokyo

How to go to the doctor in Japan?

You don't choose the day to fall ill or get injured... Here are some tips in case you have to deal with the Japanese medical services during your trip!

Un peu du Japon en Bourgogne

Traveling to Japan in Burgundy

For several years now, the Japanese have had a love affair with Burgundy.


Traveling to Japan in Bordeaux

Japan aficionados, those impatient before their first trip to Japan, or those nostalgic for their stay will be delighted to be able to find a bit of Japan in Bordeaux.

How to live in a Japanese house

Interested in renting a house in Japan, but first learn the habits and customs. Here is a short guide and glimpse of how the Japanese live daily.


The life and works of Tsuguharu Foujita, also known as Léonard Foujita

Tsuguharu Foujita, born in Tokyo in 1886, is a unique Japanese artist. This renowned painter of the School of Paris with abundant works spent more than half of his life in France.


The Cernuschi Museum in Paris

The small Cernuschi museum is devoted to the arts of the Far East: Japan, China, Vietnam and Korea.

Kyotographie 2016 - Shinichi Suzuki II, Tea Ceremony, Musée Guimet

Enjoying Japan in Paris at the Guimet Museum

Rare or exceptional works of art, everyday objects, tea house or Japanese-inspired garden: Japan is magnificently represented at the National Museum of Asian Arts-Guimet.

Japanese gardens in France

Torii, wave-cut tree, azaleas... All the aesthetics of Japanese gardens invite you to dream.


Revolut and N26 payment cards

Two new generation banks have created ideal credit cards for visitors. Revolut and N26 payment cards are an alternative way to pay directly in yen during your visit.

Un câble électrique japonais 100 volts

Electrical outlets and electricity in Japan

Plugs, voltages, adapters: all you need to purchase and use electrical and electronic equipment in Japan.

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Specified Skilled Visas For Japan

Specified Skilled Visas (SSV): are two new types of visas for workers hoping to work in Japan in industries including nursing and construction.

Tokyo et Hakone

Preparing your first trip to Japan

Are you planning your first trip to Japan and don't know where to start organizing it? Don't panic, Japan Experience is here to guide you!

Japanese insects

Before getting on the plane, be sure you're ready to face the crawling and flying critters that you will surely encounter in Japan!

Les ouvrages à lire avant de partir

Works to read and see before a trip to Japan

Here are some cultural tips to savor before flying to Japan. And there's something for everyone: movie buffs, comic book lovers, or fans of essays, it's up to you to choose from this list!

Découvrez tous nos conseils pour visiter le Japon à la saison froide !

Japanese winter essentials

The generally temperate climate of the country can vary depending on the region. In winter, it can be -5° in Sapporo (Hokkaido) to 15° in Naha (Okinawa)!

Boîte aux lettres japonaise

Japan Post

Traveling or residing in Japan, some practical tips to make your visit to one of 24 000 offices across the country easy.

Décollage d'un avion de la JAL de Narita

Which airport to land at in Japan?

Several international flights are offered daily from International destinations around the world to Japan.

Voyager au Japon : toute une aventure !

10 gifts to give to those who go to Japan


Looking for a special gift for friends and loved ones traveling to Japan? Here are 10 great ideas for a useful gift to enhance their trip!



Food allergies in Japan

Food allergies aregenerally taken very seriously in Japan, and due to the high quality of servicerestaurant owners will usually do their best to meet your requests.

Typhoon season in Japan

Different names are used across the world when talking about tropical cyclones. In the North Atlantic region, we call them hurricanes. In Asia, the term used is typhoon.

Are vaccines needed for Japan?

While no vaccines are mandatory for Japan, your trip is a good opportunity to update your vaccination record.

5 Things A First Time Visitor To Japan Should Know

Learn 5 things a first time visitor to Japan should know including tips on visas and healthcare, rubbish bins, tipping, nudity and footwear.

Feeling ill in Tokyo: what to do

Worst case scenario: you fall ill, or suffer an injury which can't be healed with the simple travel medical kit you've packed. If that happens, you'll need to try and seek treatment in Japan.

Smoking in Japan

After a long flight, you have only one desire: to get out and smoke your cigarettes. But you're unsure of whether you will get told off...


French gift: most appreciated by the Japanese people?

Japanese have a well-found appreciation of everything French!

Communicate, navigate, play in Japan can sometimes be complicated. There are several ways to simplify your trip.

100% Japan Apps

Communication, transportation, and entertainment in Japan can sometimes be complicated. Fortunately, these days, there are many ways to simplify your trip.

In October 2010, the airport until domestic Haneda regained its function International Airport.

Haneda International Airport

In October 2010, the domestic airport Haneda regained its place as an International Airport, a role it had lost for 32 years to Narita Airport.

Residence Card Zairyu Card

Residence Card: read a guide to the Residence Card or Zairyu Card, which has replaced the old Alien Registration Card for foreign residents of Japan.

Opening A Bank Account In Japan

Find practical advice for opening a bank account in Japan and making financial transactions.

Japan Visitor - japan-surgery.jpg

Japan Hospitals

Japan Hospitals: find information on hospitals in Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka with English-speaking doctors.

Finding a Job in Japan

Finding a job in Japan: How to get employment in Japan as a teacher in a private school or university, in the IT or banking industry or in other jobs in Japan.

Teaching English in Japan

Teaching English in Japan: The JET & ALT Experience. Read an article on the JET program and finding an English teaching job in Japan.

Japan Visitor - japan-visa-2017-1.jpg

Japan Working Visas

Japan working visas: find information on the requirements and procedures for applying for a Japanese work visa.

Japan Visitor - visa2091.jpg

Japanese Visa Requirements

Find the necessary requirements and procedures for Japanese tourist visas, spouse visas and work visas.

Time Differences Japan & The World

Time Differences Tokyo & The Rest Of The World: read a listing of the time difference between Tokyo and Japan and the rest of the world's cities.

Japan Visitor - kich20183.jpg

International Centers in Japan

International Centers in Japan - A nationwide listing of international centers in Japan - find useful resource centers for visitors and residents.

Japan Phone Numbers

Important Telephone Numbers in Japan: see a listing of tourist information, emergency, immigration, airports, lost credit cards and embassy telephone numbers.

Japan Visitor - publicphone20181.jpg

International Dialing Codes

International dialing codes from Japan - view a complete A-Z listing of international dialing codes from Japan to other countries from Albania to Zimbabwe.

Japan Visitor - visa2091.jpg

Japan Visas

Japan visas: view Japan visa information for foreign visitors including details about Japan visa exemption and permitted length of stay in Japan.

Japan Visitor - rain-chain-3.jpg

June Rainfall Japan

June Rainfall in Japan: see a graph of the average rainfall in Japan's major cities including Tokyo, Osaka and Yokohama for the month of June.

Japan Visitor - thaiembassy20191.jpg

Asia Embassies in Tokyo

Asia Embassies in Tokyo: find detailed information on Asian embassies in Tokyo. Find embassy image, contact and travel details.