Peace Memorial   追悼平和祈念館

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Peace Memorial in Hiroshima

Enter the Peace Memorial in Hiroshima.

Peace Memorial in Hiroshima

Heart Memorial and hypocenter of the disaster.

The Silent World

Honor the memory of victims of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima beyond the considerations of convenience and political correctness. This place of remembrance refers to the conscience of each face of suffering, death and human folly. The memorial, with its masterful design and warm, light fixture, is meant to soothe the troubled spirits of the dead.

The gentle descent towards the main hall seems to prepare the visitor to travel through time and end up in the past, on that tragic day of August 6, 1945. Opened in 2002, this commemorative structure, built by the famous TANGE Kenzô (1913 -2005), the first disciple of Le Corbusier in Japan, lies in the heart of Park Peace Memorial. TANGE had already designed the Cenotaph (1952), the Peace Museum (1955) and the Flame of Peace (1964).

The building of marble and glass keeps the names and photographs of the missing in an impressive circular room inviting contemplation. In this space, a fountain symbolizes the zero point of impact. It is possible in another room to consult archival records documenting the horror of nuclear weapons. The poignant stories of survivors remain and do not fall into oblivion. An essential visit.

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