Peace Pagoda   仏舎利塔

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Peace Pagoda

Peace Pagoda in Hiroshima.

City view of Hiroshila since the Peace Pagoda.

Stupa and meditation

Sanctuary dedicated to world peace and contemplation, the Peace Pagoda dominates the entire city of Hiroshima from Mount Futaba, whose rise wooded slopes offer a very nice walk in any season.

Overlooking little Mount Futaba northeast of Hiroshima Station, the Peace Pagoda is a misnomer. With its curved roof of typical of this type of building, it is actually a stupa, a Buddhist structure of Indian origin. The actual building's ties to the original area of Buddhism are also very tight since after its construction in 1966, the first Indian Minister Indira Gandhi, joined by Mongolian monks told him the ashes of the historical Buddha.

Among the first "shrines dedicated to world peace," it promotes pacifism and can not be ignored  by any traveler, because its location makes it visible to all. Within it, many people have filed memorial stones for the victims of the bombing of August 6, 1945.

 Very few make the effort to climb to the top of the hill. Yet a little bit of soreness the next day is largely offset by tens of vermillion torii (gates) dotting the hiking trail and especially by the panoramic view that opens onto the city and the bay. In spring, brave climbers can even enjoy the blooming cherry trees, which also provide nice shade for summer picnics.

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