K6 Bar   ケーシックス

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K6 Bar

K6 bar counter.

A change of scenery

Cigars, scotch, slick servers...straight out of an old American film, K6 is not the kind of place where a drink is taken with backpack and hiking boots! The cozy decor might find the urban visitors taken aback. Of all different styles, the customers are the main attraction of the evening: well accompanied businessmen, friends enjoying a (very) good bottle of wine, men in their sixties alongside geiko...it is a place of appearances. The drink list is far from exhaustive but the servers know what they have to offer. Pizzas and salads accompany a glass of the finest liquor and cigar humidor delights fans.

The atmosphere of the place seems familiar? The owner is also the creator of the pastry shop Ghost on Teramachi Street, where most of the pastry cakes contain liquor. If they are ever out of stock at Ghost, this is where you can find the last pastries.

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