Omura House Demachiyanagi   おむらはうす 出町柳

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Restaurant omerice Omura House

Storefront restaurant Omura House.

Eggs, rice and men

The modern Japanese dish, omurice, a three-egg omelette drizzled with tomato sauce hiding a portion of rice, soothes any cravings. Very popular with children, it also makes the students at the nearby University of Kyoto happy, too.

Omura House was the first restaurant of its kind in the city and has since evolved into a chain. The menu consists of fourteen different omurice, including a seasonal one.

In spring, the sakura omerice features beautiful rose petals. Try also the omurice topped with tofu (soybean paste) or yuba (the milky skin of boiled tofu). The menu is in Japanese but uses pictures. This is a satiating a break that will appeal to anyone.

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