Amanto   アマント

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Located in the old Umeda district of Osaka, Amanto is more than just a tearoom, it has the objective of renewing forms of collective engagement.

Amanto has ambition. This association wishes to convey its passion for different cultures of the world, starting with Osaka. Renovated by artists, this hundred and twenty year old house quickly became the headquarters of a community with a cultural vocation.

Thirty members take turns every day to welcome curious visitors who come to attend the many different events, including conferences, or who come just drink tea. Since 2001, artists in residence, always with a smile, are pleased to present their latest creations and interact with connoisseurs.

One sign of its success, Amanto has grown and now includes several surrounding structures, based on the same concept of renovating old buildings. Bars, bookstores, theater, cinema and soon guest houses, the list of projects is constantly expanding. The friendly team even has a fortune teller! A good example of initiative, Amanto is a welcome retreat to immerse yourself in the local life of Osaka.

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