Frenz Frenzy   フレンズ

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Frenz Bar

Frenz psychedelic atmosphere in the bar.

A drink with friends

Frenz Bar claims to be the first gay bar in Japan. A famous address where to enter, you have to show your good humor.
Whether or not you are a member of the homosexual community, you will always find a good atmosphere at Frenz. This place, which was opened in 2004 by an Australian, welcomes partygoers from around the world. Non-Japanese and locals gather every night, not only to dance but also to sing. Yes in this bar, the karaoke is free and you will easily find some companions to sing with.

The very psychedelic decor at Frenz may make you dizzy but it is one of the attractions of the place. Having your photograph taken with new friends, in front of the colorfully patterned walls is part of the game. This iconic bar holds its reputation thanks to its international renown. With its bilingual barmen and atmosphere, Frenz has attracted stars including the singer Lady Gaga and the gay icon, blogger Perez Hilton.

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