Kyocera Dome in Osaka   大阪ドーム

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dome d'osaka
dome d'osaka
Le Dome lors d'un concert

Osaka Dome

Osaka, the rebel, is an unusual city: the Kyocera Dome is one of the most flagrant example!

The Kyocera Dome, or to be more precise the Kyocera Domu, also known as the Osaka Dome, is a covered baseball stadium which is home to the Orix Buffaloes, the great rivals of the Hanshin Tigers of the capital of Kansai. The stadium was built in 1997 in the period immediately following the great earthquake in Kobe, and was thought to be a daring image that looks to the future.

The stadium, with its appearance of a large spacecraft, dominates the area where it is located. It is of no wonder at all, as this giant flying saucer sparkles due to its metal coating. Kyocera Dome is covered and can also host events such as concerts. Many have already played here, from the Rolling Stones to Madonna through to Paul McCartney.

Intense passion 

During game nights, the countryside full of excited supporters. The atmosphere in the Kyocera Dome stadium filled with a happy crowd of over 36,000 people, really gives the impression of being immersed in what we can simply call the spirit of Osaka.

It's that Osaka has always thought of itself as the historical rival of Tokyo, and demonstrated its ambitions in the stone of its buildings. The city, like Tokyo, has seen multiple innovative architectural projects. Museums, public buildings, memorials and of course stadiums have become banners extolling the dynamism of the great central city of Japan.

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