Mimiu   美々卯

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The Noodle Tales!

The reference for sukiyaki udon (a type of thick pasta stew) in Osaka is called Mimiu. But don't get it wrong! No miumiu, miumu or mimoun if you want to eat well.

The delicious smell of smoke, wooden decor, attentive service, welcome to Mimiu. This table is a delight for fans of udon sukiyaki. A typical Japanese preparation which has the advantage of appealing to a wide audience.

This dish can be garnished with meat, fish or even shellfish. One rule for the establishment, work as much as possible with seasonal produce to give extra flavor to the dish. Mimiu can also welcome you for receptions around the traditional Japanese low tables.

The reputation of this restaurant dates back to the 1920s. At the time, the best udon-suki were already being prepared by the chefs at this same address. Mimiu welcomes guests in a charming traditional two-storey house. The building, surrounded by greenery, is hidden between two large buildings, a peaceful setting in the middle of the city.

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