Seoul Factory   ソウルファクトリ

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Seoul Factory

Club entrance to Seoul Factory

Osaka Night Fever

This venue is now closed. You can find more bars and cafes suggestions in Osaka here

Mirror balls and sequined flares reign supreme in this club with an unusual name. Seoul Factory, offers a one way ticket to planet disco.

The scarlet Eneos gas station sign, guides night owls. Head into the narrow street that is opposite it, to find this place where funk, disco and soul music lead the one-night dancers and regulars. After paying the entrance fee, three drinks are on the house. Those with empty stomachs can fill up on tempura (vegetable, fish and seafood fritters). Before doing their thing on the dance floor, nibblers can pick at tsukemono (lightly pickled vegetables).

But be careful here, the boss doesn't only play classics from the golden age of high collar shirts. Groups from all over the world come to present their pop, rock and electro compositions. This explosive cocktail of styles and multicolored afros sets out to prove to everyone that at night in Osaka, everyone can be a Dancing Queen.

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Blow up the sign. It was never spelled correctly but always a Japanese spelled version of Soul Factory, for years. I thought in closed in 1999 or so.