The Kanadian tea house   伽奈泥庵

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The tea house Kanadian

Entrance Kanadian Tea House.

Live and more if affini-tea

To those who believe that the mix between an underground bar and a tea house cannot work, rendezvous at the Kanadian.

The establishment firstly has the role of a guest house for musicians or DJs of the last generation. In addition, if not to say as a bonus, it offers hundreds of varieties of tea to taste and delicacies in a cozy atmosphere.

The Kanadian created the hybrid of these two worlds to make a unique universe where artists come to perform live in front of an attentive and critical audience. Here, it's like being at a friend's place: a small room, a wooden table, this is the atmosphere that sets the tone. It also lets you get to know your neigbor over a cup of tea. 

Fans of cozy places will love this establishment, which opened in 1966. This inspired lounge bar cultivates the arts, be they culinary or musical, for the delight of its customers. For aficionados, there is a small shop to purchase the teas tasted at the last performance.

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