Yakiniku Sora   焼肉空

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Yakiniku Restaurant Sora

The restaurant dishes Yakiniku Sora.

Love cow

Hungry carnivores look no further. The Yakiniku Sora will sate your appetite at low prices and make you revise your bovine anatomy.

The inhabitants of the Korean district of Osaka lick their lips in this Korean tripe shop and restaurant where the beef is an institution. For very affordable prices, pots of meat soup pass before your steamed up eyes.

Tongue ("shita") is eaten with parsley, cheeks melt in your mouth, the diaphragm ("Harami") is chewed with gusto. The liver calms skeptics and the star dish, the leaf (or omasum, the cow's third stomach) blackmails the palate.

The popularity of the place often results in a queue outside the restaurant, amply compensated by the quick service. It is not enough to discourage barbecue fans.

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