Zuboraya   づぼらや

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Restaurant Zuboraya

Fugu storefront chain Zuboraya restaurant.

The palace of fugu

The name Zuboraya is one of the best known culinary names in Osaka. This restaurant has no stars, but is well known for its expertise in the delicate preparation of fugu.

If you want to taste the most dangerous fish in world, you're at the right address. The preparation of this dish leaves no room for error. Parts of the fish are toxic, and can cause death within hours.

Rest assured, Japanese law is very strict regarding fugu. Restaurants must obtain a special license before they can serve fugu, and Zuboraya is one of the privileged few. In addition to this very fine fish, they also offer a variety of sashimi and other foods from the sea.

With the gigantic fish light hanging above the entrance, the restaurant is unmistakable. Right in the middle of lively Dotombori, you will have no trouble finding the sign. For lovers of risk, do not hesitate: this great tasting meal is guaranteed to thrill.

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