Daisen Oki National Park 大山隠岐国立公園

An all-in-one park

Whether you are looking for a nature break, a sports afternoon or a spiritual walk, Daisen Oki National Park, which covers more than 350 km 2 , between mountains and the Sea of Japan (the park indeed includes the Oki archipelago) will meet your expectations.


Mount Daisen

The highlight of the show is still Mount Daisen, whose summit reaches 1,729 meters . The Tendai stream of Buddhism for a long time prevented ordinary citizens from climbing the volcano, because it was sacred, and its ascent was therefore open to the public only from the Edo era . Although it is nicknamed the "local Mount Fuji", Mount Daisen remains much less crowded and is open throughout the year . It provides you with the perfect solo hike. After about three hours of climbing, you can admire the panoramic view of Daisen Oki Park, which covers the three prefectures of Okayama, Shimane and Tottori , and on a clear day you can even see the Sea of Japan below. .

Mont Daisen

The almost twin of Mount Fuji!

Kagawa Ymg

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