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Plan and choose your train itinerary using our interactive map of Japan's major cities. The Japan Experience Team has used and checked all these train routes.

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Scenic routes

Thanks to the density of its network, the train in Japan sometimes offers exceptional views of beautiful landscapes by the sea or in the rugged mountains.

Here are a few unmissable scenic routes, made even better by the outward-facing side seats:

  • From Maibara to Nagoya on the Tokaido Line. An historic Japanese line through farmland and mountains.
  • From Hiroshima to Mihara on the Kure Line. On board a charming little panoramic tourist train, the 'Setouchi Marine View', along the coasts of the Inland Sea.
  • From Fukuoka to Nagasaki through Saga on the Nagasaki Line. On board the beautiful and comfortable 'Kamome' train through paddy fields, mountains and the Inland Sea bay in Kyushu.
  • From Kyoto to Takayama through Gifu. Picturesque line zig-zagging through the mountain valleys along the rushing River Kiso.