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Classical Japan

2 343 $

Classical Japan Tour

13 days

Experience an unforgettable stay in Tokyo, Hiroshima, and Kyoto, to explore some of the most magnificent sites in Japan. Guaranteed immersion in Japanese culture!

The itinerary:
- Tokyo (4 nights),
- Mont Fuji - Hakone (1 night),
- Hiroshima & Miyajima (2 nights)
- Kyoto (4 nights)

Included :

- Round-trip flight tickets from/to Los Angeles, Sydney or Paris

- 11 nights in 3* equivalent hotels, including 1 night with dinner in a ryokan (traditional Japanese hotel)

- Breakfast in Hakone and Hiroshima

- Airport transfers

- 1 prepaid travel card to travel around Tokyo and Kyoto, already loaded with ¥1,500

- 1 7-day Japan Rail Pass for the train and Shinkansen (bullet train) covering the journeys to Tokyo, Odawara, Kyoto and Hiroshima

- 1 Pocket wifi (with unlimited internet access) for the duration of the trip

- 1 printed travel guide, sent to you at least 20 days before your departure, detailing the tour itinerary, how to get to your hotels, and the tourist sights not to be missed.

- Helpline assistance 24/7 in English

Not included :

- Insurance
- Personal expenses
- Public transportation in cities*
- Tourist tax in Kyoto** 
- Anything not listed in the "included" section above


Contact us
- Flights from London, New York or any other city required
- Direct flights
- Flight upgrades to premium-economy or business class
- Upgrade to a 4* hotel
- Traditional accommodation
- Private rotenburo (tarditional Japanese bath) in your room in Hakone ($72USD - depending on availability)
- Child price (11 y/o or younger)
- Extending your stay before or after the tour
- Guided activities
- Other activities (Disneyland, Hello Kitty theme park, robot restaurant, tea ceremony, sake tasting…)


The departure and end dates of the tour include your flight and arrival from/to your departure country.

Most flights will require one transfer (less than 5 hours) in Asia or the Gulf States before landing in Tokyo.

Examples of airlines we use:
- Air France
- All Nippon Airways
- Finnair
- Korean Air


The basic price includes one room for 2 adults in 3* equivalent hotels.

Single room: If a triple room is not available, a single room supplement may be required for any booking with an odd number of participants.
Please note that in case of a single supplement, it will be applied to all accommodation except the ryokan in Hakone, since in traditional accommodation like this there are no single rooms. However you will find spacious rooms that can welcome up to 5 people. To learn more about what a stay at a ryokan entails, see the "Hakone" step of our "Detailed Itinerary" below.

In Japan, a high-density country where everything is more compact, the 3* hotels are good quality but the rooms can be quite small (12 to 24m2) depending on the hotel. For more comfort and space, don't hesitate to contact us for a quote with 4* hotels.

The rooms for 2 people in western-style hotels have 2 separate single beds (twin rooms) as standard. Contact us to request a double bed; there is no supplementary charge but we cannot guarantee availability. Note that double bed rooms are smaller in size than twin rooms.

Terms of payment :
- 35% deposit paid upon booking
- Balance paid 35 days before departure

This tour is not suitable for people with reduced mobility.

*transportation not covered by the JR Pass (about 80% of public transport within most cities) and after using up the ¥1,500 pre-loaded on your travel card

**$1.70 USD/person/night to be paid directly to the hotel in cash 

Detailed Itinerary



Flight to Tokyo. 

Overnight on the aeroplane, arrive the next morning at Tokyo. 



Arrive at Tokyo at Narita or Haneda Airport.

Transfer to central Tokyo by shared limousine bus.

Note: The limousine bus shuttle leaves from the airport and stops either in front of your hotel or at a stop located 1-15 minutes on foot from your hotel.

Detailed explanations are included in your travel guide booklet, with pictures:
- How to find the Limousine Bus at Tokyo Airport
- How to get from the bus stop to your hotel

This transfer is not a private transfer with reception. If you wish to be met personally at the airport you can choose our "airport reception" service as an option.

In rare cases, depending on the arrival time of your flight, it may be the case that the limousine bus is unavailable. In that situation an alternative route using public transport would be offered, the price of which would be included in your package. A detailed explanation of the route, with pictures, would be provided in your travel guide booklet.

Check in to your hotel. 


Night in your 3* hotel in the Akasaka or Ikebukuro district.

Example of 3* hotels (depending on availability):
- Monterey Akasaka Hotel
- The B Akasaka Hotel
- The B Tokyo Ikebukuro Hotel

Examples of 4* hotels: (optional, contact us to upgrade)
- Metropolitan Tokyo Marunouchi Hotel
- Keio Plaza Hotel
- Metropolitan Tokyo Ikebukuro Hotel

Note: Breakfasts not included in the package can be added at the reception desk upon arrival at the hotel. However, in Tokyo and Kyoto, you will find many cafes near your hotel serving generous (and often tastier) breakfasts menus.



Visit Tokyo and the surrounding area.

Among the various options open to you, here are a few suggestions:
- The Asakusa district and Senso-ji temple
- The Tokyo Skytree, 634 metres high, and Tokyo Tower, a symbol of the city
- Ueno Park and its many museums
- The party districts of Shibuya and Shinjuku

Or why not try a guided tour of the city with one of our guides? (optional, contact us)


Discover Japanese gastronomy in the most Michelin-starred capital in the world.



Visit Tokyo and the surrounding area.

Continue exploring the city:
- The gardens of the Imperial Palace
Meiji-jingu shrine
- The electric town, Akihabara


The countless "Izakaya" (typical Japanese bars) of Tokyo await you for a beer and/or some "yakitori" (grilled chicken skewers).



A few examples of day trips possible from Tokyo:
- The temples and shrines of Nikko, in the heart of the forest (approx. 2hrs one way by train).
- The city of Kamakura and its monumental bronze Buddha statue (approx. 1hr one way).


For your last dinner in Tokyo, try "Kaitenzushi" (conveyor belt sushi) for a fun and tasty meal!



Transfer to Tokyo Station (not included).

Take the Shinkansen to Odawara station - included in your Japan Rail Pass (about 40 minutes), then change trains to travel to Hakone (this train is not included - ¥310 supplement to be paid on site).

Check in at your ryokan (traditional Japanese hotel).

Explore Hakone at your leisure:
- Gora-koen Park
- The Chokoku-no-mori outdoor museum
- The Hakone-jinja sanctuary
- Mount Fuji from Lake Ashi-no-ko

Things to do in Hakone:
- Boat ride across Lake Ashi
- Walk along the old Tokaido road that linked Kyoto to Edo, lined with cedars and pines
- Pass through the former border post of Hakone

If you'd prefer a guided tour, check our tours (optional, contact us).  


Dinner and overnight in your ryokan (traditional rooms with baths and toilets on the first floor).

In a 3* ryokan you'll sleep on comfortable futons on top of traditional tatami mats. The bathing facilities, onsen, are shared unless you request the "traditional bath in the room" option (+$72USD/person).

In a 4* ryokan you'll sleep on either on futons or beds in a traditional tatami room. The bathrooms are private, with access to the shared hot springs also available.



Enjoy a traditional Japanese breakfast at your ryokan.

Transfer to Hakone station, then take the train to Odawara (not included - ¥310 supplement to be paid on site).

Shinkansen train ride from Odawara to Hiroshima included in the Japan Rail Pass (about 4h30m).

Check into your 3* hotel.


Free evening and a night at your hotel in Hiroshima.



Breakfast at your hotel.

Explore Hiroshima and the surrounding area.

Don't miss:
- The Memorial Peace Park and its museum. You can add your own origami crane to those made by the many school children who visit Hiroshima to pay tribute to the victims of the atomic bomb.
- Shukkei-en garden, an unspoilt garden which reveals new surprises as you walk along its pathways.
- Ikari shrine, built long ago by sailors in honour of the god of the sea.

Essential trip from Hiroshima: Miyajima Island
- Itsukushima-jinja shrine and its huge red gate (ootorii) which rises from the sea. (Note: The ootori will be closed until August 2020)
- Daisho-in temple
- The magnificent park of Momijidani – the "valley of maples". Stunning in fall!


Free evening and a night at your hotel.



Transfer to Hiroshima station (not included).

Shinkansen journey to Kyoto, included in the Japan Rail Pass (approx. 2h30m)
Why not make a stop at Himeji to visit its famous castle?

Check into your hotel.


Free evening and night at your 3* hotel in the city centre, Gion district or near the central station.

Examples of 3* hotels (depending on availability):
- Mitsui Garden Kyoto Shijo
- Hedistar Hotel Kyoto Nijo
- Hokke Club Kyoto Hotel

Examples of 4* hotels: (optional, contact us)
- Monterey Kyoto Hotel
- New Miyako Hotel
- Kyoto Okura hotel  



Visit Kyoto and the surrounding area.

Don't miss:
- The zen garden in Ryoanji, a famous dry landscape garden
- Kinkaku-ji (Golden Pavilion) and Ginkaku-ji (Silver Pavilion)
- The traditional Gion district 
- Kiyomizu-dera, the incredible thousand-year-old temple that overlooks the city

Or enjoy a new experience with one of our many activities. (optional, contact us)


Free evening and night at your hotel.



Visit Kyoto and the surrounding area:

Don't miss:
- The Philosopher's Path, a chance for you to unwind with a walk along the canal.
- Nishiki, the market in the heart of Kyoto
- Arashiyama, and its bamboo forest


Free evening and night at your hotel.

Or why not enjoy the unique experience of a night walk in Kyoto's traditional district? (optional, contact us)



Possible day trips from Kyoto:

- The city of Kobe, between ocean and mountains. Visit the port, then catch the cable car up Mt. Rokko and admire the view over the inland sea. (45 minutes).

- Nara, the first capital of Japan. Visit its ancient buildings, classified as Unesco World Heritage sites, such as Todaiji temple or Kasuga Taisha shrine, and buy some shika-sembei, crackers for the fallow deer that roam freely within the city park. (30 to 45 minutes).

- Fushimi-Inari Taisha, a must-see shrine in southern Kyoto. Wander through the tunnels made of hundreds of red torii gates found at this incredible shrine. (approx. 5 minutes).


Free evening and night at your hotel.


Transfer to Kansai International Airport from Kyoto by shuttle bus.

Return flight.

Arrive back home.

Day 0
Day 1 Tokyo TOKYO
Day 3 Tokyo - Ameyoko-chô TOKYO
Day 4 Kamakura TOKYO
Day 10 KYOTO
Day 11 KYOTO
Day 12