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Chiran Guide: Exploring the historic town of Samurai and Kamikaze

Nestled in the heart of Kagoshima Prefecture, Chiran 知覧 is a small town with a rich historical tapestry.

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Tanegashima: Exploring the fascinating history, culture and activities of Japan's island

Nestled in the East China Sea, Tanegashima is the second largest of the Ōsumi Islands belonging to Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan.

La porte du château d'Obi

Obi city tour

Nicknamed the "little Kyoto" of Kyushu, Obi is a small castle town attached to the city of Nichinan, in the south of Miyazaki prefecture.

Aoshima, Miyazaki

Miyazaki City

Miyazaki is a pleasant city located in the Miyazaki prefecture, in the southeast of the island of Kyushu.


Yakushima Island

Subtropical and rainy, Yakushima is home to a special vegetation that attracts hikers: thousands-of-years-old cedars, thought to be the oldest trees in the country and the inspiration for the fores

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Kirishima Open Air Museum

Kirishima Open Air Museum is a world class collection of modern sculptures in a beautiful natural setting on the slopes of the Kirishima Mountains.

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Yakushima Town History and Folk Museum

Yakushima Town History and Folk Museum has exhibits relating to the history and culture of Yakushima including folk arts, crafts and festival items.

Kagoshima Bay

South of the island of Kyushu, set off to discover the magnificent Kagoshima Bay (鹿 児 岛 湾) and its threatening volcano in the very south of Kyushu.

The beaches of Amami Oshima-(Kyushu)

Amami-Oshima Island

Bristling with green peaks, covered with virgin forests, fringed with white sand beaches and surrounded by clear waters rich in coral reefs, the Amami Oshima island is a treasure of nature.

The launch Base of Tanegashima

Off Kyushu is Tanegashima, an island known to be at the cutting edge of space travel, and also where the spaceport office can be found today.


This village in southern Kagoshima was once a residential area for samurai, and an important kamikaze air base.

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Mt Kaimon Kagoshima

Mt Kaimon: read a guide to Kaimondake aka Satsuma Fuji, an almost perfect conical volcano in the south of Kagoshima Prefecture.

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Kagoshima City Aquarium

Kagoshima City Aquarium has seven floors featuring displays of mostly local marine life including the Kuroshio Tank with rays and a whale shark.

Chiran Samurai District & Gardens

Chiran Samurai District in Kagoshima Prefecture is a street of higher class samurai residences with seven beautiful Japanese gardens open to the public.

Xavier Park

Xavier Park Kagoshima

Xavier Park Kagoshima: Xavier Park in Kagoshima commemorates the stay of Xavier and his Japanese disciples Anjiro (Paulo de Santa Fé) and Bernardo in the city, the latter possibly the first Japanes

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Kirishima Guide

Read a guide to Kirishima including information on hotel accommodation, temples & shrines, onsens, travel information & local transport, festivals, images, hiking and onsens.

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Sakurajima Guide Kagoshima

Sakurajima: read a guide to Sakurajima the active volcanic island located in Kagoshima Bay, Kyushu, southern Japan.