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View looking over Sumoto from Sumoto Castle

Awaji Island

Awaji island (Awaji-shima) in Japan's Inland Sea is linked to Honshu island via the Akashi Kaikyo Ohashi Bridge, and to Shikoku island via the Naruto Ohashi Bridge.

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Hokudan Earthquake Memorial Park

Hokudan Earthquake Memorial Park and Nojima Fault Preservation Museum commemorates the epicenter of the Great Hanshin Earthquake of 1995.

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Sumoto Castle Awaji

Sumoto Castle on Awaji Island is a reconstructed castle but still has many of its original stone walls. There are superb views from the top of the hill where it is located.

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Noevir Stadium Kobe

Noevir Stadium Kobe aka Kobe Stadium was reconstructed for the 2002 World Cup. It is the home ground of Vissel Kobe and Kobelco Steelers.

Naruto Amusement Park

The manga phenomenon Naruto has just been immortalized in the form of an amusement park that has opened on Awaji Island.

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Yumebutai Awaji

Awaji Yumebutai designed by Tadao Ando includes a resort hotel, a conference center, a wedding chapel, an open air theater and a botanical museum.

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Akashi Kaikyo Bridge Tour

Akashi Kaikyo Bridge Tour: View this engineering marvel on a tour from the Akashi side of the bridge and get spectacular views and learn how the bridge was built.

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Akashi Kaikyo Bridge

Akashi Kaikyo Bridge connects Kobe city on Honshu to Iwaya on Awaji Island. It was completed in 1998 and remains the longest suspension bridge in the world.

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Akashi Castle Akashi Hyogo

Akashi Castle: Akashi Castle in Akashi city in Hyogo Prefecture western Japan was built in 1619 to help protect Osaka from possible attack by Tozama daimyo.

Awaji Island

Awaji island (Awaji-shima) in Japan's Inland Sea is linked to Honshu island via Akashi Kaikyo Ohashi Bridge, and to Shikoku island via the Naruto Ohashi Bridge.

Kobe Harborland

Kobe Harborland is a shopping and entertainment area on the Kobe waterfront close to JR Kobe Station.

Quartier de Kitano

A day of sightseeing in Kobe

World-famous for its beef, Kobe is one of the main cities to visit in the Kansai region. Here's are the essentials to see in a day.


Attractions of Mosaic Garden Kobe


Since its creation in 1982, shopping malls, amusement parks and restaurants have blossomed in the Kobe Harborland district, transforming the small port area into a leisure temple.


Kobe's Chinatown

Smaller and more recent than the ones ​​in Yokohama and Nagasaki, Chinatown in Kobe is distinguished by its particularly lively streets and vibrant colors.

Kobe Ijinkan Kitano-cho

Kobe Ijinkan: read a guide to Kitano-cho at the foot of Mt Rokko, an area of Meiji Period Western-style residences which are now fashionable museums and cafes.

Port Island Guide

Port Island Kobe: read a guide to Port Island, a man-made island in Kobe, western Japan, home to a container port, Kobe Airport and various museums.

Uroko no Ie, Ijinkan Kobe Hyogo

Kobe Ijinkan (Western Houses)

Kobe Ijinkan (Western Houses): Today there are a handful of mansions and former consulates remaining in Kitano-cho, Kobe that are now open to the public.