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If you like Japan, if you are waiting for your first trip to the archipelago or if you want to pass the time between two stays, we have some addresses that offer you a glimpse of Japanese culture, without leaving France!


Traveling to Japan in Paris

Rue Sainte Anne, a Japanese street in the heart of Paris

Japan Experience is located on rue Sainte Anne, the main street of the Japanese quarter in the heart of Paris. Between the Opéra Garnier and the Louvre Museum, it's a little corner of Japan where you can unearth Japanese treasures 9700 kilometers from Tokyo. You will find restaurants especially but also shops selling jewelry, pottery, traditional clothing and various Japanese objects.

Do not hesitate to visit us in our Parisian space to organize your next trip to Japan!

  • Address of Japan Experience : 30 rue Sainte Anne, 75001 Paris
  • Access : by metro by line 3 (stop 4 Septembre) and lines 7 and 14 (stop Pyramide)
  • Discover this epicenter of Japanese culture in France, the "Little Tokyo" of Paris .

Japanese gardens in Paris

Coming from ancestral traditions, Japanese gardens seduce visitors coming to the archipelago. It is a real art that seeks to interpret nature and create an idealized miniature version of Japanese landscapes with hills, rivers, waterfalls and bodies of water.

You can get a taste of it in Ile-de-France in the Japanese gardens of Paris and its surroundings :

  • Annex of the Guimet Museum, the National Museum of Asian Arts, the Heidelbach Hotel Garden is a small corner of Japanese paradise in the 16th arrondissement of Paris,
  • The Garden of the Albert Kahn museum in the west of Paris hosts a Japanese village, created in 1898, and a modern Japanese garden,
  • The Château de Courances (in Essonne) houses an Anglo-Japanese garden as magnificent in spring as in autumn.

Japanese culture in Paris

Many aspects of Japanese culture are accessible from Paris. Discover the evolution of Japanese art and its culture through the centuries in the museums of the capital.

Between permanent exhibitions and exceptional events, some of them have impressive collections:


Traveling to Japan in France

Japanese gardens in France

But Japanese culture is also accessible outside of Ile de France!

In particular, you can enjoy the art of Japanese gardens, which have been popular in the West since the 19th century, in various French regions. Japanese enthusiasts have indeed created small Japanese paradises in different corners of France:

  • The Garden of the Albert Kahn Museum , created in 1898 in the city of Boulogne-Billancourt,
  • The Oriental Park of Maulévrier , in Maine-et-Loire, is the largest Japanese garden in Europe,
  • Erik Borja's Zen Garden , created in 1973 in Beaumont-Monteux in Drôme,
  • The Jardin du Soleil-Levant in the botanical park of Haute-Bretagne located in Ille-et-Vilaine,
  • The Pierre-Baudis Japanese Garden in Toulouse.

Discover Japanese gardens in France...

Japanese culture in France

Experience Japan all over France ... discover our guides for Japanese getaways in Bordeaux and Burgundy:


Japanese cooking workshop

Renowned throughout the world, gastronomy is a key element of Japan's heritage.

Why not create Japanese specialties yourself, starting with simple and delicious dishes?

Put yourself in the kitchen and indulge yourself with a bowl of donburi or ramen , cook fried meats like tonkatsu or karaage , or even start designing sushi or the delicious specialty of Osaka, the okonomiyaki , an improved and garnished omelet!

Less known but just as delicious, there are recipes for Japanese sweets that are easy to make at home. Try, for example, a taiyaki waffle, a dorayaki filled pancake or even mochi , the dessert made from rice!

Food lovers, now is the time to get started!



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