Japanese History: Simplified Timeline 日本の歴史

  • Published on : 23/04/2020
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Summary of key dates in Japan

The history of Japan is both rich and old, and it is often difficult to situate the many Japanese historical sites in time. To simplify, here is a simplified chronology of the History of Japan.

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The Jomon period (13,000 BC to 400 BC)

Prehistory is divided into two sub-periods in Japan. The Paleolithic, which begins almost 40,000 years ago BC, and the so-called Jomon period, which begins almost 13,000 years before our era.

Yayoi era storage jar

The Yayoi period (400 BC to 300 AD)

The Yayoi period (400 BC to 300 AD) is a pivotal period in the history of Japan during which Japan starts cultivating rice and the first sedentary communities appear.

Matsumoto Castle

The Sengoku period (1477 - 1573)

The Sengoku period (1477 - 1573) marked a turning point in the history of Japan.

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  • Tue, 12/10/2019 - 00:00

    informations Wife and I climbed Mt. Fuji in 1990. Impressive thunderstorm in the evening, followed by a wonderful sun-rise from the summit.
    Toilets on the summit were amazing.
    Would highly recommend making the ascent if in the area.

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