Oita 大分市

In the shadow of Beppu, by the Seto sea

The city of Oita is located northeast of Kyushu Island in Beppu Bay. Despite being the capital of the prefecture of the same name, it's much less known than the neighboring city of Beppu. It is nevertheless a pleasant city, with an important past and which houses some architectural treasures.

On the occasion of the 2019 Rugby World Cup™, the municipality had a replica of Funai-jo keep built using scaffolding, illuminated by more than 70,000 LED lamps at night. It's a magical show not to be missed if you are in the area in autumn 2019.

To the west of Oita, at the foot of the mountains, is the beautiful Yusuhara Hachimangu Shrine, founded in 827. The place exudes calm and serenity and offers a superb walk in nature. Centennial trees shelter the site and it's said that one of them, a camphor tree (kusunoki in Japanese) surrounded by a shimenawa (sacred rope) is over 3,000 years old!

One of Japan's three "castles on the sea.
Oita Prefecture's premier museum
The monkey mountain, home to 1,500 Japanese macaques.

What to do near Oita


The hot springs of Beppu, are probably the most famous thing in Oita prefecture, in particular the "eight hells", or Jigoku Meguri. They are only 15 minutes from Oita city by train.

On the outskirts of Oita, towards Beppu, is Mount Takasaki (628m above sea level), home to about 1,500 Japanese macaque monkeys. Part of this nature reserve is a monkey park that's open to the public, and you can see the monkeys very closely.

Umi jigoku (sea hell) in Beppu

Umi jigoku (sea hell) in Beppu



The Umitamago ("sea egg") Aquarium is also not to be missed. Very close to Takasaki Monkey Park, this beautiful aquarium with original architecture is home to about 1,500 fish.

There are pools where you can touch the fish, including dolphins, glass floors from which you can admire marine creatures and of course, dolphins, seals and sea lions regularly put on shows.



Umitamago aquarium , Oita

Umitamago aquarium , Oita

tetzl, Flickr

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