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Momochi Seaside Park Fukuoka

Momochi Seaside Park (シーサイドももち) in Fukuoka is is a series of beaches and seaside facilities located right underneath the New Fukuoka Tower.

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Ohori Park & Garden Fukuoka

Ohori Park & Garden Fukuoka is a large urban park that consists mostly of water, originally part of the moat system for Fukuoka Castle.

Parc Yusentei

Yusentei Park in Fukuoka

If you are passing through Fukuoka to discover the beauties of Kyushu, don't miss Yusentei Garden, the city's little-known gem.

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Kokura Castle Garden

Kokura Castle Garden is located adjacent to Kokura Castle. It is a reconstruction of the original garden and is not very large.

One of the ponds of Ohori Park

Ohori Park

Ohori Park in Fukuoka is registered among Japan's "Places of Scenic Beauty", and offers a pleasant walk around what was once an ancient castle moat.