Echizen, home of washi paper 越前和紙の里

  • Published on : 28/03/2018
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Un artisanat devenu trésor national

Les artisans de l'ancienne province d'Echizen, dans la préfecture de Fukui, perpétuent le savoir-faire du papier traditionnel japonais depuis plus de 1 500 ans. Découvrez les origines de la fabrication du papier washi.

Okamoto otaki shrine, Echizen

Washi professionals at work

There are many types of paper, each with different uses. Here is a list of the most produced washi in Echizen and their uses:

  • Hosho : for wood engraving, gift wrapping at traditional ceremonies and certificates.
  • Gasenshi : for calligraphy, drawing, traditional painting and sutras.
  • Torinoko : for sliding panels (fusuma), screens, maps and diplomas.
  • Komagami : for sake bottle labels, postcards, letter paper, envelopes, gift wrap and umbrellas.
  • Kyokushi : for certificates, diplomas, business cards, postcards and watercolors.

A decorated washi sliding door (fusuma)

  • Papyrus House

You now know the history and the manufacturing process, so why not put it to use? Create your own paper by choosing from the 7 options available and leave with your finished artwork in just 20 minutes. Don't worry, you can also buy the creations of artisans at the souvenir shop if you aren't feeling artistic.

Useful information : Address: 8-44 Shinzaike-cho, Echizen City, Fukui 915-0232 Price: 500 to 1,000 yen. Admission is free, you only pay for what you make.

It's a unique experience to dive into the world of traditional Japanese crafts!

Make your own washi paper

Sheets of paper hanging out to dry

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