The best excursions around Osaka 大阪からの最高の遠足

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Day trip from Osaka

If you spend a few days in Osaka, you may want to venture out of the city. There are many sites easily accessible from Osaka, the city being perfectly connected to the entire rail network in the region. Unmissable villages or well-kept sites, here is our top of the best excursions to do from Osaka.

Himeji castle

Himeji Castle in Spring

Wikimedia Commons, 663highland,


Bikan area of Kurashiki

Wikimedia Commons, Aimaimyi,

At the top is the Chogosonshi-ji temple, popularly called "Shigisan" and founded in the 7th century. The main building is accompanied by two pagodas as well as a staircase lined with torii leading to a small Shinto shrine at the top of the mountain.


  • How to get there?

Take the JR Yamatoji Line from Tennoji Station in Osaka. Get off at Sango station, then take the Nara Kotsu bus to Mount Shigi. You can also take the Kintetsu-Shigi line from Uehommachi Station in Osaka.


The Chogosonshi-ji

Wikimedia Commons

One of the gates of Chogosonshi-ji in the spring

Wikimedia Commons

7. Minoh Park

Another nature excursion just 30 min from the heart of the city, Minoh Park is a veritable green lung. In addition to the walk on small paths in the middle of the forest, the Minoh Taki waterfall is the highlight of the show. The places are also perfect for admiring the glowing foliage of the maple trees at the end of autumn.

  • How to get there?

From Osaka- Umeda Station, take a Hankyu Company Takarazuka Line train. Get off at Ishibashi handai-mae stop, and board a Hankyu-Minoh line train for three stops to Minoh (or Mino-o depending on the spellings) station.

La cascade Minoo Taki et ses bancs d'observation.

The Minoo Taki waterfall and its observation benches.


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