The glass village   ガラスの里

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Village Glass

Village castle glass.

Village Glass in Hiroshima

Stained glass of the village.

Through the Looking-Glass

Forget the dark and smelly workshops of master glassmakers! Here, the molten sand takes shape in a Disney-worthy setting.

The castle in the center of this theme park is dedicated to glassware, and less than an hour from Hiroshima, it is worth the trip. Behind its walls, a mirror maze enchants children, and on the lawn, a dial several meters in diameter attracts attention with its shimmering glazes. These fragile wonders come from the factory on the side of the site, where artisans as well as visitors can blow glass. The scorching hot yellow mass bends to the demands of the artist, and after baptized in cold water, becomes a vase, small horse or ashtray.

Behind the castle, a museum features a collection of antique pieces, the oldest dating back to 1500 BC. There are also contemporary works originating from the archipelago as well as around the world. Connoisseurs will find their happiness in the gallery of traditional Japanese costumes decorated with small, pearly beads.

For those who like wearing the famous Toho brand beads, pieces come in part from these furnaces. Don't forget to get a customized souvenir for the icing on the cake of a great trip to the glass village.  

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