Suma Rikyu Park   須磨離宮公園

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Suma Rikyu Park

The cherry trees in front of the garden greenhouses Suma Rikyu.

Suma Rikyu Park

Shrubs Japanese garden Suma Rikyu Park.

Suma Rikyu Park

Sea view from the waterfall of French garden Suma Rikyu.

A green wedding gift

In Kobe, Suma Rikyu Park evokes the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the city. In this garden in honor of the imperial marriage, Versailles overlooks the sea while standing alongside tea houses and cherry trees.

A marriage is at the origin of the Suma Rikyu Park. That of Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko Shoda. After the announcement of the engagement of the couple in 1958, Kobe City began the construction of a garden of impressive size to commemorate this union.

However, it did not open until nine years later, in 1967.

A thousand faces to park

With over 23 landscaped acres, Suma Rikyu lives up to its ambitions: to combine in a harmonious ensemble, Japanese tradition and Western landscapes.

The park located on the sea front, combines French gardens, Japanese gardens, botanical gardens, greenhouses, rose gardens... An architectural diversity that is reminiscent of the cosmopolitan face of the port city, marked by international trade.

Cherry trees, roses, camellias, irises, hydrangeas, maples... Every season has its appeal. The incredible diversity of the park's flora confers a multifaceted charm.

During your visit, do not miss the beautiful view of the linear garden from the top of "Main falls." A garden in perspectives, with the Inland Sea as a backdrop.


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