Meriken Park   メリケンパーク

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The lights of Kobe Meriken Park.

The lights of Kobe Meriken Park.

Part of the old waterfront has been preserved to remind the strong 1995 earthquake in Kobe.

Part of the old waterfront has been preserved to remember the strong earthquake that struck Kobe in 1995.

Kobe Port Tower seen from the ground.

Kobe Port Tower seen from the ground.

Symbol of Kobe

The park takes its name from the word 'America', pronounced Meriken by the Japanese during the Meiji era. With a museum, 108-meter high tower and an earthquake memorial, Meriken Park is a pleasant way to spend an afternoon by the water.

Meriken Park includes all the symbols of Kobe. Between Kobe Port Tower, the Maritime Museum and the impressive Oriental Hotel, it's the perfect place to spend an afternoon or a relaxed evening.

Kobe Tower

Surely the emblem of the city, it's a vibrant red and stands 108 meters high. Kobe Port Tower was built in 1963 and offers a panoramic view of the Bay of Osaka and Kobe city. If you're feeling peckish, there is also a restaurant and cafe that rotates 360°. It's a good way to enjoy a drink while admiring the impressive view.


Kobe has been completely rebuilt since the devastating earthquake of January 17th, 1995. There is only one remnant left untouched: the earthquake memorial. By observing the ruptured concrete and cracks in the earth, visitors have the opportunity to better understand the sheer strength of the earthquake that caused more than 6,000 deaths.

The Maritime Museum and the Oriental Hotel, with its unusual wave shape, are also symbols of the park and the city. On the pier, a flea market is held every Sunday and on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month. If you like shopping it's the perfect chance to find some good deals.

But it's at night that Meriken truly reveals its beauty. The blackness of the night, with the green and red of the museum and Tower, blend to form a beautiful picture.

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