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Cutlery Aritsugu

The windows of the shop Aritsugu.

For swordsmen

As sharp as a sword, Japanese kitchen knives(hōchō) reflect quality and expertise second to none. The spirit of the blade reflects the heart of the person using it.

At the east entrance of the covered market, Nishiki, on the right side of the street, the kitchenware shop Aritsugu offers hundreds of models of kitchen knives in different sizes and shapes tailored for chefs. Expert chef or discerning amateur, anyone will find the right knife in his hand. Of course, this shop comes with a history! Since 1560 - in those days it produced weapons for samurai - this institution holds many treasures, some hand-forged. Showcases and counters are also full of accessories, pastry molds, tea boxes, tempura pots, small strainers for tofu, and even scissors specially designed for ikebana (flower arranging). A delight for foodies.

The Best of the Best

Professionals are spoiled for choice in this family-owned business, which supplies restaurants across the country. If you like to slice, carve, chop, or cut with martial skills of the masters of the sword, Aritsugu remains a spot not to be missed. Careful, purchasing such an item like this requires some attention. This is not just any kitchen utensil for one hundred yen, but undeniably an exceptional knife. Be sure to sharpen the blade regularly, whether thick or tapered, and watch hands and fingers, as it cuts quite dangerously. As a bonus, it is also possible to engrave a name on the blade, too.

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