Chidoriya   京都ちどりや

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Cosmetics store Chidoriya

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Cosmetics store Chidoriya

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When Kyoto makes itself beautiful

In the former capital more than anywhere elsewhere, revamped traditional skincare and beauty products, have a certain attraction for the young and the not so young.

At Chidoriya, a cosmetics institution since 1949, the trend has become creed, where geisha and maiko go wild for creams made ​​of hinoki (Japanese cypress), camellia, or azuki (red bean) and face blotting paper. Another Japanese craze is always having a matt complexion and to shame and abolish beads of sweat on the temple. Purity, but also futility and frivolity, as the establishment is filled with princess products, essential oils with "Secret Angel" cream, as well as small handkerchiefs to wipe a slightly shiny forehead. Of course...

After the face, come the feet! If you prefer textiles rather than fabrics with authentic designs, do not miss the colorful tabi from the Sou-Sou brand, are socks where the big toe is separated from the others. So before visiting the nearby Ginkakuji, are you ready to put on a jika-tabi or zori? 

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