Gion Ranburu   祇園らんぶる

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Gion Ranburu

Storefront restaurant Gion Ranburu.

A Bite of Gion

In any district that has retained some of its authenticity, traditional restaurants at affordable prices are rare, and even seats at the less affordable ones are difficult to come by. Kyoto , however, retains the precious few places where the price-quality ratio is still a surprise and delight.

In Gion, Gion Ranburu, located discreetly in a little house, invites you to enjoy a purely Japanese cuisine on its tatami mats. The seats at the counter or the few tables set up in the garden are a pleasant change as well as a  great culinary experience.

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loved the traditional setting, sitting on cushions, the small rooms, authentically decorated with a small garden and stream running through it. Each course was a work of art and a delete to the palate. A talking point all night. You will not find any western utensils here so if you are not skilled in using chopsticks then start practicing - you won't be disappointed. Apparently western utensils damage the fine crockery which in itself is worth a mention