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A customer of ING rocker bar.

Kyoto a little more 'stone'

"I know it's only Rock'n'Roll and good Beer but I like it, it's so good !! »

Rolling Stones

On the ING bar website, the owner Hako San, an unconditional fan of the Rolling Stones and of rock in general, sets the tone. There is no trace of hypothetical Japanese music that tourists who have fallen in love with Kyoto, would come looking for. In this institution in the center of Kyoto, the all nighters flow from cosmopolitanism and cheap beer. Among the customers there are often many foreigners who are visiting or who live in the town.

There is a show of nationalities, and also the rather special skill of the owner: order a bottled beer and ask the landlord to open it for you... with chopsticks. You can also practice on rice or tofu, as ING Bar offers an impressive menu of quite varied dishes. The perfect place to miss the last metro.

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