Izusen   泉仙

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Izusen restaurant entrance.

Not for Carnivores

The Izusen inn awakens the senses. The restaurant, also within the same holy precincts of the monastery complex Daitokuji , introduces guests to an ancient culinary tradition: shojin ryori.

Specializing in teppatsu ryori, an extremely refined variation of the so-called zen cuisine, Izusen celebrates vegetarianism. Sitting on a tatami mat, anyone can appreciate their subtle preparations. Vegetables, wild plants, seaweed, tofu and a specialty of Kyoto, yuba (the thin skin that forms on the surface of soy milk), celebrate the flavors of nature.

The monk Dogen (1200-1253) states in his Instructions for Zen Cooking that "an essential part of the art of cooking is to have a deeply sincere attitude and be respectful to the products, to process them without judging their appearance, whether they be crude or refined."

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