Mo-An Café   茂庵カフェ

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Café MB Year

Entrance of traditional tea, coffee Mo Year.

Urban Refuge

One of the most beautiful views in one of the most secret Kyoto cafes.

At the top of the Yoshida hill east of Kyoto, Mo-An cafe is on the first floor of a traditional wooden house. And it gives new meaning to afternoon tea. A treasure not easily accessible, it can only be accessed after a pleasant walk in the heart of a forest sanctuary. Very popular with walkers, this tea room opens to a view of Mount Daimonji to the east and a Kyoto panorama to the west. On the weekends, however, coffee and tea lose their charm because of the long wait required. One Saturday a month, a tea ceremony is held and is possible to attend after reserving for only a thousand yen. An island lost in the middle of a forest, Mo-An cafe provides panoramic photographs for memories of Kyoto and its surroundings.

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