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Restau U Renais

Student choosing its future meal.

For students... but not only!

For those who wish to have a really good experience of Japan, a trip to the university restaurant Renais is more than recommended. Kyoto is one of the main university towns in the country with about 10% of the population being students. The Kyoto University, one of the former Imperial Universities, is one of most famous of the archipelago. So for the chance of having lunch next to a future Nobel Prize winner, go to the university restaurant that is located close to the Franco-Japanese Institute of Kansai. This cafeteria is perfect for its wide selection of traditional and inexpensive Japanese dishes.

No less than ninety-six dishes are proposed, not to mention a dozen desserts and two varieties of beer. Ramen, Japanese curry, salads, grilled fish, breaded meats, rice and of course tofu are on the menu in this self-service open to all. All the waitresses and cashiers are close to retirement age and it is reassuring to think that it is grandmothers who have cooked the dishes that are proposed. One priceless detail: the till not only prints the price of the dishes, but also the calories that each represents. A really interesting bonus!

If your stomach is already full and you're in the neighborhood, you can still try a good ice cream (ask for the chocolate parfait in its giant version, served in a one liter mug) or a draft beer for a ridiculously low price. Beware of the crudités, the price of the dish is based on the weight, it is better to serve yourself a small quantity to start with. Do not forget that the restaurant U Renais is a self-service, you can go back to the till as many times as you like.

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