Sake factory Gekkeikan   月桂冠

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Gekkeikan Sake factory

Tank factory Gekkeikan sake.

Gekkeikan Sake factory

Facade of the craft factory sake.

At the source of Japanese thirst

"Sake for the body, haiku for the heart"

Taneda Santoka (1882-1940) in Zen, sake, haiku

Japanese rice wine lovers should head to Fushimi, a village outside of Kyoto. Very quiet and still with many houses and shops from the olden days, it is beautifully preserved and awaits you in the southeast of Kyoto. Besides its famous sanctuary, Fushimi Fushimi Inari, it has many sake factories. Gekkeikan, the largest domestic producer of this very Japanese beverage, has taken up residence in a building over 360 years old. A quick tour of the small sake museum Okura allows you to see the manufacturing process of this famous drink.

Before proceeding to the store, a freshly brewed sake tasting is offered. As a souvenir, bottle reproductions from the end of the Meiji era (1868-1912) at 2100 yen are a wonderful gourmet gift. Particularly active in the fall in preparation for winter, Fushimi sake factories emit a strong fragrance that you wont forget. Beware, it can be tempting...

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