Sarasa Nishijin   さらさ西陣

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Café Sarasa Nishijin

Facade of the former bathhouse Sarasa Nishijin become coffee.

Public bathhouse near Daitokuji

In the late 1980s, public houses which included baths closed one after the other, only to reopen about ten years ago, embellishing their interiors with small cafés serving food and drinks. Located in a former sento (public bath), close to the Funaoka Onsen, Sarasa Nishijin Café has kept the charm of the original establishment opened in 1930. The omnipresence of tiles in this old wooden house gives it a unique touch and an old-fashioned design.

The clientele seems younger the neighbors: a majority of students come here to have a chai, tea brewed in hot milk, and stay for a long time on the sofas of the café.

Curry dishes and salads are also served at  unbeatable prices: less than one thousand yen.

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