Sky Lounge   スカイラウンジ

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Sky Lounge Bar

Comfortable benches bar Sky Lounge.

City view

The best bar in Kyoto Station is located on the fourteenth floor of the building, at the top of the Granvia Hotel. From the Sky Lounge, the southern part of the city is revealed, a skyline you can enjoy from armchairs worthy of the most comfortable clubs. The replacement for the New York Bar in Tokyo, the Sky Lounge plunges us into a very "Lost in Translation" decor, the old Heian-Kyo takes jts revenge on the young Tokyo, the capital only since 1868. As in all hotel bars, the prices are more expensive than average, probably the price to pay to listen to piano music, a glass of Suntory whiskey hand, while you gaze at beautiful Kyoto.

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