Tessaido   鐵齋堂本店

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Tessaido shop prints.

The manager of the shop Tessaido.

Beauty rolls

Discover the shelves of this fabulous store between prints displaying the graceful curves of women or undulating landscapes of Japan and stylized paintings with a priceless cachet, you will find something to satisfy your desires.

The Kakejiku are similar to  pictorial works or calligraphy produced on rolls of paper. A Kakejiku is traditionally placed on the wall of a tokonoma, a small alcove with a raised floor, in a tea room. But it can perfectly suit a modern interior. Tessaido specializes in Kakejiku artists since the Edo period (1603-1868) to the present day. About three thousand works belong the collection of this traditional store.

It is possible to buy a superb Kakejiku for a modest sum, from 10 000 yen. Nearby, there is a Tessaido gallery with an exhibition of paintings by Kyoto artists. Note that Kakejiku are sold in wooden boxes and can be easily be transported in your suitcase.

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I'd love to know if TESSAIDO has any works by Shibata Zeshin.