Climbing Mount Misen   弥山

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Mount Misen

View from the top of Mount Misen.

Mount Misen

Climbing Mount Misen.

Mount Misen

Pavilion on the path of ascension.

A mountain of things to do

Mount Misen is the perfect place to admire the Bay of Miyajima, peaking at five hundred and thirty five meters above the sea level. A must on the island!

Whether you are a hiking enthusiasts or simply an admirer of lush forest views, this mountain is a gem. There are different courses to reach the top of the mountain but all lead to the same breathtaking view! Beware though, the climb can be difficult, and takes a bit of time. Plan enough time to go up and down and leave by ferry, if you're not staying the night on the island.  

The Momiji course is most suitable for beginners, taking about 1:30 - 2 hours to reach the top. River gorges and strangely shaped rocks accompany you along the way. The Daisho-in course has the most to see with many Buddha statues helping you find your way, beautiful waterfalls and Takinomiya sanctuary. Careful though, because even though the hike time is the same as the Momiji coarse, two thousand steps to climb can discourage some.

Finally, the Omoto course! Allow between 2 and 2:30 hours for this hike. You will cross Omoto park with old trees, and along the way climb the second highest mountain on the island, Mount Komagabayashi. With rocks to climb, Buddha statuettes, the Daishi's an exceptional hike! 

No matter which course you take, make sure to have good walking shoes and warm clothing, as temperatures will go down at the higher altitudes. You can also take the cable car that takes you straight to the top.

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