Ganko Hiranogo Yashiki   がんこ 平野郷屋敷

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Lunch at the castle

A chain reputed throughout Kansai for its sushi, Ganko ("stubborn"), was born in Osaka in April 1963, established in a luxurious house in the Hirano district, previously owned by a rich merchant.

Besides the prospect of a fine meal, the surroundings themselves are characterized by a large number of old residences whose appearance has been preserved. Of great elegance, the interior of the restaurant seems to have been decorated for a prince. At the entrance, lockers closed with curious wooden keys, host the shoes of guests, who are invited to put on slippers before entering.

A procession of dishes

Several options are available and customers can opt for a traditional private room, a low Japanese table or Western style banquet dishes. This place became famous thanks to the freshness of the fish placed on a bed of rice. The selection of different kinds of fish remains affordable, with prices from 680 yen at lunchtime.

The varied menu also offers an introduction to kaiseki cuisine, where several dishes, of which the colors and textures are in harmony, succeed each other during the meal. A refined taste for a peaceful environment. After your meal, a walk in the garden is a must. A bench covered with a light red fabric allows you to rest a while and enjoy the landscape of the garden. A gustatory escapade worthy of the Tale of Genji.

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