Namba Bears   難波BEARS

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Namba Bears

Concert at Namba Bears bar.

Underground live music space

Small, smoky, dark and very cramped, the Bears Bar is worth a look!

This bar offers live, mostly Japanese, drum and bass, rock and new wave music. The evenings begin around 7 p.m. and depending on the evening, end the next morning.

You can leave and come back as you wish thanks to your admission ticket, so you can get a bit of fresh air when the atmosphere becomes too suffocating and there is not a lot of room. You will meet the trendy youth of Osaka who come to change their ideas at the end of the day, enjoy a beer with friends and enjoy the music.

  Go to Labi 1 bar just opposite. It offers a variety of beers for a modest sum. Caution, the establishment closes at 10 p.m.

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