Namba City   なんばCITY

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Namba city

Front of the mall Namba city.

Namba city

Hall of Namba city mall.

Japanese tat

Vast corridors of shiny beige marble, light diffusing a hazy golden halo throughout the complex, and a huge replica of the N-1 rocket!

This rocket launched the first geostationary satellite into orbit in 1977 (see the ground floor of the main building). It is interesting to note that the entire area surrounding the replica is appointed by the youth of Osaka "Rocket square" and has become the favorite meeting point of Shopaholics.

And Namba City is a vast network of fashion stores, restaurants, cafes, ice cream vendors and snack, a must for visitors to watch the inhabitants of Osaka doing their shopping and to find the nuggets that will make friends back home jealous with the extravagant fashions. The second level offers a sophisticated City Men, with trendy fashions for men.

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