Picking tea in Greenpia (Makinohara)   グリンピア牧之原

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Custom Tea!

From picking green tea leaves to savouring them in various Japanese dishes, Greenpia is a choice destination for lovers of Japanese green tea!

It is impossible to visit Shizuoka without stopping by one of the many green tea plantations which make the reputation of the region!

Located in the small town of Makinohara,  Greenpia offers foreign visitors a chance to immerse themselves in the world of Japanese tea, by participating directly to a picking session of young green tea leaves.

This local experience is open to all foreign visitors from April to October for a modest participation fee of 800 yen / person.

The less courageous can still be content to visit the manufacturing plant of green tea adjacent to the plantation, which allows a good understanding of the process required to develop the harvested tea.

Greenpia also features a renowned restaurant for its cuisine based on ... green tea of course! On the menu: fish sashimi, soba noodles with green tea, tempura green tea leaves and desserts. The restaurant offers enough to fill the most demanding of Japanese green tea lovers!

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