Popular konbini candies コンビニの有名なキャンディ

The best sweet snacks in Japan!

Feeling peckish? Make a stop at konbini (Japanese convenience store) to find something to nibble! Whether you're a chocoholic or want to try something more unusual, Japan is full of sweets of all kinds. Here are fourteen snacks to tempt your sweet tooth!

Other treats

  • Ramune Candy

Produced by Morinaga confectionery, Ramune Candy is directly inspired by the Japanese lemonade that bears the same name. Sold in a bottle reminiscent of the traditional soda, Ramune Candy are small tart fruit candies. Traditionally lemon, today there are other flavors too.

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  • Koala no machi

Koala no machi are tiny koala cookies stuffed with a chocolate filling. Each koala has a different expression - an undeniable marketing asset, which has made the biscuit very popular with children, ever since it first went on sale in 1984. Today, it comes in a variety of flavors.

Ramune Candy

Cotton candy flavor Koala no machi

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