Walks in the Dakigaeri Gorge 抱返り渓谷

Hike in one of the most beautiful gorges in Japan

Located in Akita, Dakigaeri Gorge is a beautiful place to take a stroll. Between the forests covering the mountains, the turquoise blue or emerald green waters, and the refreshing waterfalls... you will not be disappointed!

A romantic walk - Kiss on the way!

The Dakigaeri Gorge extends for 10km following the curves of the Tama River (not the same as north of Tokyo), which rises on Mount Obuka to join the Omono River via Lake Tazawa and Kakunodate where we are.

The path that we suggest you follow is a 1.5km walk for a good hour of walking there and back.

It is not possible to follow the river all along the gorge because of the landslides which have blocked it. The route follows an old torokko forest road fitted out to transport wood but closed in 1963.

This path is very narrow, which is why it is called "dakigaeri" which means that you cannot meet there without kissing.

And it's true that even today, it's better to all go in the same direction than to constantly come across those who come back

Depuis le chemin, les eaux bleu-vert

From the path, the blue-green waters of the Tama River

Jerome Laborde

The walk takes place with your eyes in the blue-green colors of the waters of the gorges, coming from Tamagawa-onsen, which come from the most acidic waters in all of Japan (ph 1.2).

To compensate for the collapse of part of the path, a new bridge has been built, and that's a good thing because it offers a very beautiful point of view halfway through.

You will then pass three tunnels dug by hand by man.

The end of the path is the high point because it is there that you will appreciate the great Kaiko no taki waterfall in front of which you keep turning around as it dazzles with its wild beauty, this is the meaning of the term 'kaiko'.

It is refreshing in summer, beautiful in all seasons, and especially magnified by the colors of Japanese autumn.


Cascade Kaiko no taki

Kaiko no taki waterfall at the end of the path

Jerome Laborde

Address, timetable & access

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    From Kakunodate, 15min. by taxi/car, or with a shuttle during the koyo period.

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