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Pure Land Gardens at Shitennoji Temple

The Pure Land Gardens at Shitennoji Temple in Osaka are a representation of a landscape called a Pure Land, a mythical landscape common to Mahayana Buddhism in East Asia.

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Nagai Stadium & Nagai Park

Nagai Park in the south of Osaka holds Nagai Stadium, two other sports stadia as well as Nagai Botanical Garden and Osaka Museum of Natural History.

Roseraie du parc Utsubo à Osaka

Utsubo Park


Located south of the vibrant Umeda district, Utsubo Park is one of Osaka's green lungs. A popular destination for families, sports enthusiasts and... rose lovers.


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Keitakuen Garden

Keitakuen Garden in Tennoji Park, Osaka, behind the Osaka City Museum of Fine Art is a beautiful garden designed by master gardener, Ogawa Jihei.

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Minoo Park

Minoo Park is one of Japan's oldest parks, and a great side trip from central Osaka. Minoo Park is a relaxing place to get away from all the concrete and skyscrapers of the downtown.

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Japanese Garden at Osaka Expo Park

The Japanese Garden at Expo Park in Osaka were built for the World Expo of 1970 and introduce foreign visitors to traditional Japanese garden types.

Minami Temma Park

In the hectic Osaka, visits can be sometimes very exhausting. The sprawling metropolis offers relatively few green spaces.

On the roof of Osaka Station

Between the skyscrapers of Umeda, on top of a fourteen-story building, lies an oasis of freshness.

Tennoji Park

Tennoji Park (Tennoji-koen)

A green canvas laid out to the southeast of the city, Tennoji Park successfully fuses the love of art and flourishing wildlife.

Park Expo

World Expo Park

Three faces dominate and overlook. They watch and greatly disturb people, with a fascinating strangeness.

Garden Keitakuen

Keitakuen Garden

The Keitakuen Garden of Tennoji Park offers an invitation to travel. Unknown to tourists, this little green sanctuary is, however, home to one of the most beautiful gardens.

Nakano Shima Koen


"Oasis in the city" as some call it, the Nakano-shima-Koen park on the island with the same name, brings a breath of rose scented air.

Osaka-jo koen

Osaka-jo koen

In the heart of Osaka , this large green space covers more than two square kilometers.

Utsubo Park Osaka

Utsubo Park Osaka

Utsubo Park Osaka is a fashionable and popular park in Osaka with an alley of pines, tennis courts, a rose garden, and even a large open space with grass.