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View of Osaka from Abeno Harukas

Abeno Harukas

Abeno Harukas in Abeno ward, Osaka, is Japan's tallest building at 300m, 4m taller than the next tallest building in Japan. Its observation deck offers a fantastic view of Osaka.

Grand Front Osaka

Grand Front Osaka: Grand Front Osaka is a shopping, dining and commercial development north of JR Osaka Station in the Umeda district of the city.

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Universal Citywalk Osaka

Universal Citywalk Osaka is an American-style mall at the entrance to Universal Studios Japan (USJ) in Osaka.

Tachibana Dori

Tachibana-dori / Orange Street

Tachibana-dori shopping street is the most hype Osaka artery. Designer shops, lounge restaurants and fashionable bars, it is a Cornelian choice.

HEP five red whale

HEP Five

If the urge to shop strikes, why not head to HEP Five in Osaka, the impressive shopping mall complete with its own Ferris wheel... 

Mall Doguya-suji

Doguya-suji Arcade

This arcade delights all cooking addicts and amateur chefs!

South Hepburn

South Hepburn

At this fashionable florist in Osaka, plants and their beautifying petals, evanescent splendors, brighten up the lives of travelers.

Three Tides Studio

Three Tides Tattoo

You must suffer to be beautiful. The Three Tides Tattoo team would not say otherwise. The reputation of this tattoo studio travels beyond the coasts of the archipelago.

Namba city

Namba City

Vast corridors of shiny beige marble, light diffusing a hazy golden halo throughout the complex, and a huge replica of the N-1 rocket!


Amerika mura

Want the latest fashion trends in Osaka? The most essential accessories for the Japanese youths swarming the streets? Head for the "American Village" (Amerika-mura)!

Den Den Town

Den Den Town

Watch the eyes of old school entertainment enthusiasts light up as they see the huge stacks of used video games.

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Osaka Shopping Guide

Osaka Shopping: read a guide to shopping in Osaka including department stores, underground malls, Amemura, Namba Parks, Harukas and stores for foreign goods.

Namba Parks

Namba Parks Namba Osaka

Namba Parks なんばパークス is a shopping & office development in the Namba area of Osaka with a series of roof-top gardens on its exterior and an 11-screen cinema.