Irasshai Paris: the ultimate Japanese destination in the heart of the French capital

  • Published on : 07/03/2024
  • by : Charley Zaragoza

Irasshai is a new concept store dedicated to Japanese cuisine and culture, located in central Paris. It offers a complete immersion into Japanese gastronomy through its various spaces: grocery store, restaurants, café, bar, cooking studio. Irasshai aims to make Japanese products and cuisine accessible to all, from neophytes to connoisseurs.

A spacious grocery store with over 1000 Japanese products, many exclusive to Irasshai in France

The grocery area forms the heart of Irasshai, with over 1000 carefully selected Japanese products lining its colorful shelves. Three-quarters of the items are sold for the first time in France, having been sourced directly from Japan by Irasshai's expert team. Each product comes with a detailed label in French, along with recipe ideas, to help customers understand and use Japanese ingredients. Foodies will delight in the unique selection, from sauces and spices to teas and snacks. QR codes allow accessing even more product information on the iRASSHAi website.

The grocery store also features a selection of fresh products, including fish from Hokkan Suisan, a Dutch producer certified by the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture. Soon, organic Japanese vegetables grown locally in the Paris region will also be available. With explanations on the website, cooking Japanese at home becomes accessible even to beginners.


épicerie irasshai paris concept store produits japonais algues

© Clémence Sahuc

shokudo paris cantine restaurant irasshai épicerie japonaise

© Clémence Sahuc

Kissaten/Sakaba: the café that turns into a creative cocktail bar in the evening

Facing the stunning Bourse de Commerce, Irasshai's café Kissaten serves as a relaxing spot to enjoy Japanese teas, coffees, pastries and light fare from 8am to 6pm. Matcha and hojicha lattes are menu standouts, alongside Japanese craft coffee preparations. Takeaway onigiris, sandos and treats are also available.

From 6pm to midnight, Kissaten transforms into Sakaba, a sleek cocktail bar celebrating Japanese spirits and flavors. Bartender Christophe Davoine has designed an extensive menu starring sake, whisky, yuzushu and matcha beer. Creative cocktails, with or without alcohol, round out one of Paris' most comprehensive Japanese drink lists.


kissaten café japonais paris matcha latte épicerie irasshai

© Clémence Sahuc

Behind Irasshai, the passion for Japan of the founders of Japan Experience, a renowned travel agency

Irasshai is the brainchild of Thierry Maincent and Xavier Marchand, founders of Japan Experience travel agency. The pair's deep love and knowledge of Japan, which they share through personalized trips via Japan Experience, now takes the form of this Paris-based hub for Japanese culture. Located minutes from rue Sainte-Anne, Paris' Little Tokyo, Irasshai builds on the capital's enthusiasm for all things Japanese.

Born from a desire to bring Japan to those unable to travel there, especially during the country's extended Covid closure, Irasshai provides a rich, interactive gateway to Japanese culture. For those who have visited Japan, the space offers an authentic taste of the country's flavors and traditions. For novices, Irasshai serves as an ideal first encounter with Japanese cuisine and hospitality, perhaps inspiring a future trip.


irasshai japanese concept store thierry maincent xavier marchand japan experience

Xavier Marchand (left) & Thierry Maincent (right), associates at Japan Experience & iRASSHAi.

© Japan Experience

Address, timetable & access


  • Address

    40 rue du Louvre




  • Timetable

    Open from 8am to midnight every day.
  • Access

    Subway stop : Louvre-Rivoli & Châtelet
    RER stop : Châtelet-Les Halles
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